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The images below are scaled 1080 X 1920, so they are HD quality.  Those will fit most Android phones and iPhones before X.   We also have backgrounds for the iPhone X and the 11, you can find them below.

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Autumn Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

Android and i phone wallpaper of a blue Autumn sky

Bright Blue Autumn sky. The contrasting colors of the sky, the clouds and the tress make this peaceful image.

Android and i phone wallpaper of trees with camera light effect.

Light Effect shooting up a tree. This pic has a chaotic sense of calm about it.

autumn phone background of fall foliage and the sun. i phone wallpaper fall

Autumn Sun trying to peek through Fall Foliage.  The empty space of the sky add to this picture’s beauty.

homescreen wallpaper aesthetic image of trees and the Autumn sky.

A cloud filled autumn day.  This is an awesome summer to fall transition picture.

Autumn homescreen wallpaper for phones.

Fall foliage against a blue cloud filled sky on the back creek.  If you are a water lover that like the fall foliage, this pic has it all.

Sky, clouds, and Autumn tree on a background pictures for phone

White Cloudy Autumn day against a blue sky.  You can start to see the foliage start on the end of the leaves.

Android and i phone wallpaper of aesthetic blue cloudy sky in Autumn.

Crisp Autumn blue sky with awesome clouds.  The symmetrical diagonal of the treeline and the clouds is awesome.

Awesome sky and tree background pictures for phone

An Autumn image with white clouds, red and green foliage and a blue sky.

Autumn background pictures for phone. Aesthetic i phone wallpapers

Autumn foliage of a yellow tree against a super blue sky.  This pic looks almost like a painting.

HD phone wallpaper. Autumn and Aesthetic background pictures for phone

A Fall day with a blue sky and yellow foliage.  The colors in this picture are so vibrant, it almost looks painted.

aesthetic background pictures for phone. Autumn foliage and sunlight.

Reddish fall leaves block the sun’s light.  This photo would be awesome for any nature lover.

Aesthetic homescreen wallpaper of clouds an blue sky.

Blue Sky, white clouds and fall trees make this a cool aesthetic wallpaper iPhone picture.

Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

beach and clouds background pictures for phone

Sunny Day at the beach with white puffy clouds.  Imagine having this as your aesthetic iPhone image.

beach homescreen wallpaper for smartphones

A white puffy cloud day at the beach.  Nothing is more relaxing than the smell of the ocean, the sounds of the waves and staring at clouds.

Aesthetic background pictures for phone. Pretty phone wallpapers of the sky and clouds

An awesome cloud picture with varying blues in the sky.  It is hard not to stare at this picture and not see some animals in the cloud bank.

White puffy cotton ball cloud

A perfect cotton ball in the sky.  This would be a great pic to have on your phone.  It will remind you to get outside.

White crisp clouds in patches along a blue sky

Awesome cloud picture.  If you love seeing thing in clouds, then this picture has a few.

Ocean background pictures for phone. Aesthetic phone wallpapers.

A small wave coming onto the beach in the morning hours.

lockscreen wallpaper for smartphone. Sailboat, Dingy and cloud sky.

A puffy cloud day on a creek, with a dingy and a sailboat.  The clouds almost look like they added to the scene.

ocean and moon background pictures for phone

A moonlight shot of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ocean background pictures for phone

Early morning shot of the Atlantic Ocean.  If you like being alone, early mornings on a beach should be your go to place.

The sky, the clouds, the water and the sand makes this the perfect background for any phone!

A wooden pier sticking out into the creek

This is an awesome picture of a pier and a creek near sunset.

white puffy clouds against a baby blue sky over a river

This background has it all, dreamy clouds, baby blue sky and a rippling river.

Back Creek Picture

The end of Summer can be seen in this back creek picture. You can already start to see the trees changing colors.

Beach background pictures for phone

A wave getting ready to crash on the beach.  Always keep a piece of summer on your phone.

background pictures for phone. aesthetic iphone wallpaper of sailboat and creek.

An Autumn day on the back creek.  The sky is so magical looking.  The variation in the colors is wicked.

Spring Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

Spring garden with flowers and green trees

Green Spring Garden in the Forest. This beautiful garden has an array of spring colors.

pretty phone wallpapers of nature pictures. Android and i phone wallpaper.

The Spring Sun behind a pink blooming tree.  The pink flowers and the blue sky lend to this image’s magic.

phone background yellow flowers for Android and i phone wallpaper

A yellow blooming bush at the beginning of spring.  This simple pic and it’s color brings a sense of calm.

close up of a flower

This image is so cool looking.  It is a closeup of a white flower.

purple flower

Close up of a purple spring flower.  Closeups like this remind you how incredible nature really is.

nature background pictures for phone. Pretty phone wallpapers of Aesthetic images.

Pink blooming tree against a blue sky.  This spring picture is so crisp you can almost smell the flowers.

inside of a yellow flower

Closeup of a yellow flower.  The beauty of nature has a calming effect.

pink flower

A close up picture of a Peruvian Lily.

white and pink flowers

This is a close up some white and pink Bluebells.

More Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

beach, ocean background pictures for phone

This picture was taken right after dawn at a beach on the Atlantic Ocean.  Early mornings at the beach are magic.

simple wallpaper for phone. Sky background pictures for phone

A simple image of clouds and a blue sky.  Sometimes less is more.

Cloud and Ocean background pictures for phone. Simple wallpaper for phone

White cloud patch over the Atlantic Ocean.  How many faces can you see in this pic?

Sunset over a marina

This is a cool image of a sailboat in front of a marina, right before sunset.

Some awesome white puffy clouds over a river

The white clouds in this aesthetic background are magic.

clouds over the river

This picture of a puffy cloud windy day over the river bring a sense of adventure.

Huge white puffy clouds over the South river.

I can see a dog chasing it’s tail in the sky. What can you see?

a Day at the beach, with a blue sky, and white puffy clouds.

The clouds are so cool in this picture. How many images can you see in the clouds?

Huge cloud bank over a river, with a boat and a pier in the background.

Your imagination could run wild staring at these clouds all day.

clouds over a river

If you look real close, you can see birds on the pier.

Ocean and beach background pictures for phone

A shot of the ocean and the beach at dusk.  Nothing is more relaxing than a beach.

Awesome clouds over a river.

The sky is very majestic in this photo.

clouds background pictures for phone. aesthetic iphone wallpaper.

A contrasting white cloud and blue sky image.  If you stare long enough, you will surely see some magic in those clouds.

Aesthetic Wallpaper iPhone

The following images are sized at 1242 X 2688.  This is the correct resolution for the iPhone X and 11 series.

A spider in it's web

the sun behind a tree

white puffy clouds on a blue sky

sunset over Harper's Ferry

white cloud against a cool blue sky

clouds and blue skies

white clouds over a green field

sunset reflected in the clouds

white clouds at dusk over a curvy road

red flowers

white flower

garden hideaway in the forest

Fall tree top against the blue sky

beach, sky and river

Crimson tree in fall

blue sky over the south river

sunlight behind a flowering tree

beach, river, pier and white cloudy skies

yellow flowers of springtime

beach, river and cloudy sky

a pink flowering tree

flowers white and purple

pink flower

pink and white flowers

crazy sky over the river

springtime in the park

kermit the frog in the clouds


red and pink flowers

back of a creek

sailboat on a creek

close up of a pink flower

dock on the creek

Newest Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers

wicked cloud over a blue sky

This is a wicked cloud shot, the colors are crazy.

white puffy clouds over a green field

This magical image was taken in Harper’s Ferry.

sunrise in the clouds

The sky reflects the coolest colors during sunrise.

white and purple flowers

These are purple and white bluebells.

dusk and clouds over a road

The clouds in this image adds to the mystery of that road.

hidden garden in the forest

A secret hidden garden in the middle of the forest.

the sun behind a tree

The power of the sun is undeniable.

spider in it's web

Why would a spider be in this category? I think it’s an awesome picture. It is also is a reminder that nature has some style.

white flower

This single white flower would add a splash of spring to any phone.

sunset in Harper's Ferry

Sunsets always make a relaxing background for your phone.

cool clouds over an awesome blue sky

This pic shows that images are not only in the clouds but in the negative space of the sky.

red flowers

Beautiful red flowers would make a great addition to any phone.

cool clouds blue sky

The division in the colors of both the sky and the clouds makes this pic awesome.

Hopefully you found your new Aesthetic Phone Wallpaper for your phone.  If not we have some more posts, that will help you out.  As a reminder, pin this board on Pinterest.  That way you will always know where to find us.

More Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers Collections

Most our all backgrounds are considered aesthetic.  Here is a direct link to our cloud’s post if you need to add some fluff to your phone.

Free iPhone Aesthetic wallpapers and backgrounds. Cool looking cloud formation.
Awesome cloud picture that is one of the free aesthetic phone wallpapers